Our favorite tool “Xero” is even better now!

Source: Xero

Accounting, Bookkeeping, and reconciliations take up a major chunk of business effort. We have shunned the traditional ways of bookkeeping and accounting with Xero, an online accounting too. Xero focuses on eliminating the real-world challenges of the accounting, bookkeeping and more services for small business owners. Security and reliability standards of Xero make it a dependable tool that can be used over a mobile device or a desktop to keep a check on:


  • Real-time Cash Position


Get real-time updates from your bank accounts and credit cards to know the cash position precisely.


  • Team collaboration


Connect with business, accountant or bookkeeper to work on a set of financial data in a more collaborative manner.


  • Business Data Protection


Nothing beats the security aspects of Xero. The regular security updates ensure the business-critical data remains unhackable.


If you are a small business owner who needs to unload the accounting and bookkeeping tasks, Xero is a perfect tool used by expert bookkeepers who can manage the entire payroll process, admin assistance and more.



What is New in Xero?


Xero is a real-time collaboration tool that enables quick bank reconciliations, invoicing and expensing claims. As a highly flexible and customizable tool, Xero helps brew an ecosystem of reconciliation between the data generated by accountants, bookkeepers and even your bank accounts all happening in real time. Encryption of all the data topped with a 2-factor authentication offers small business owners with a secure tool to entrust all the financial data.


Xero is a dynamic tool that is evolving rapidly to serve its subscriber’s direct solutions. Check out the latest updates that are rolling out in the 13th November release as your very own Xero is changing to serve you better.



Sneak-Peak of November 2018 Updates:


  1. Expanding its intuitive wings, Xero is all set to serve its users with the new Organizational Menu. Simply click on the “Change Organization” and you will be able to see the list right there. Add a new organization under your bookkeeping wings easily now.


  1. Files and Settings of each organization are accessible right under the organization name under a single place. Access the Payroll, Projects, Expense Claims, WorkflowMax and App marketplace from an even organized dashboard that expedites the process of collaboration.


  1. To make your business operations better, an even more logical menu is on its way. Invoicing, bills, and expenses for each organization will now be accessible under the Business Tab. Another welcome change is the “Inventory” is now classified as “Products and Service” so that it is not always about the material products.


  1. Accounting menu has been made more readable and user-friendly for the novices too. This will be the new place that allows bookkeeper to maintain the accounts, journals, balance sheets and more.


Wait there is more!


  1. Set your “Favourites” now for easy and quick access to the most used reports. All you need to do is – Click the “Star” on the right side of each report.


Xero is changing appropriately to meet its promise of offering unparalleled financial reconciliation services.


What do you think about these changes? What more have you expected from them? Do not forget to convey your thoughts to us through comments. We will try helping you out by suggesting other ways to accomplish that purpose.